The successful installation of a display module to your SBC requires a combination of tasks to be completed before the display will operate correctly.

First, the device needs to be wired up correctly to your single-board computer (SBC) and the interface that will be used needs to be enabled in the kernel of the operating system of the SBC. Instructions to for this are provided in Hardware.

Equally important, the luma.oled software needs to be installed including the build dependencies that for the python modules it uses. Instructions to complete that task are provided in Software.

Finally, you need to leverage the appropriate interface class and display class for your device to implement your application. Instructions for that are included in Python usage.


This library has been tested against Python 3.8 and newer.

It was originally tested with Raspbian on a rev.2 model B, with a vanilla kernel version 4.1.16+, and has subsequently been tested on Raspberry Pi models A, B2, 2, 3B, Zero, Zero W, OrangePi Zero (Armbian Jessie), and 4B with the Raspberry Pi OS operating system.


Upgrading If you are upgrading from a previous version, make sure to read the upgrade document.