Ensure that the Pre-requisites from the previous section have been performed, checked and tested before proceeding.


The library has been tested against Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

For Python3 installation, substitute the following in the instructions below.

  • pippip3,
  • pythonpython3,
  • python-devpython3-dev,
  • python-pippython3-pip.

It was originally tested with Raspbian on a rev.2 model B, with a vanilla kernel version 4.1.16+, and has subsequently been tested on Raspberry Pi (both Raspbian Jessie and Stretch) models A, B2, 3B, Zero, Zero W and OrangePi Zero (Armbian Jessie).

Install the latest version of the library directly from PyPI:

$ sudo apt install python-dev python-pip libfreetype6-dev libjpeg-dev build-essential libopenjp2-7 libtiff5
$ sudo -H pip install --upgrade luma.oled

If you are upgrading from a previous version, make sure to read the upgrade document.